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Clarification of KSBHA definition of a "Live CEU"

Questions have come up as to what is considered a “LIVE CEU”.


The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) was finding that many websites present a video.
A video you could watch it at any time, 2am for example; this presentation is not real time.
Several websites have posted speaker office hours, where you can talk to them.
The websites thought this would make their videos “LIVE”. It does not! This is NOT considered a LIVE CEU!

This practice caused the KSBHA to start watching CEU offerings very closely.
The KSBHA realized many CEU’s are not really live; they have just been labeled live by the website.

The State Guidelines for Continuing Education Credits state: Offerings approved by the American Association
of Respiratory Care. Any licensee may obtain all contact hours from any continuing education offerings
approved by the American Association of Respiratory Care and its state affiliates, subject to the
limitations specified in paragraphs (f)(2) through (f)(8).

The limitations specified in paragraph (f)(2) through (f)(8), state that even if the AARC has approved the CEU,
the state has the discretion to reject the CEUs as they apply to Kansas law.
In the case of these websites, the State does not view their video presentations as a live CEU.
The State interprets “live CEUs” as a presentation where the presenter and the audience are able to
interact in real time – during the presentation.

So to clarify for a CEU to be considered live, it really needs to be LIVE. In real time with the ability
to interact with the presenter.
If you have questions about what is or isn't a CEU you can contact:
Monica Baden
520 E. Berry Rose Hill, KS 67133

If you are looking for Live CEUs the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care and KRCS meeting
in Kansas City is March 2, 2018.
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Respiratory Care Week 2018

Respiratory Care Week is fast approaching
October 21-27

Your Breathing Matters

Check out all the stuff on the AARC site and twitter #rcweek18



Save The Date!
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32nd Annual Western Kansas Respiratory Care Conference
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33rd Annual Western Kansas Respiratory Care Conference
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September 26-27, 2019

43rd Annual State Education Seminar
Manhattan, KS
April 16-17, 2020

Important Information about Our Scholarships

The KRCS is currently re-evaluating our scholarship program.
During this time, we will not be offering any scholarships as we seek
to find a method to make our program self-sustaining.

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