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KRCS wins 2011 Outstanding Affiliate Contributor Award

Meg Trumpp receives the 2011 Outstanding Affiliate Contributor Award at this year’s AARC Convention



Help the KRCS obtain the AARC SUMMIT AWARD AGAIN in 2012

blue ribbon

Every year, in March, each state society submits information, for an award that recognizes the hard work and effort of its members in several categories:

  • Special events that take place during Respiratory Care Week, or during the Great American Smoke Out.

  • Public relations such as health fairs, or health screenings.

  • Media interviews with newspapers, tv , or radio.

  • Educational efforts in the community, such as smoking cessation or asthma education, speaking with grade school or high school classes, in your community.

  • AARC membership recruitment.

If you have participated in these events, or something that promotes respiratory care, please send a brief description of what you did, along with the date and location, to keep us informed emal Charity Clark

 January 2012 pdf file

Greetings fellow Respiratory Therapists!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you this year as President of the Kansas Respiratory Care Society. As many of you know, the KRCS went through significant changes in 2011 including the adoption of new Bylaws and a complete restructuring of the Board of Directors. The organization is leaner (we went from a 21 member to a 13 member BOD) with renewed focus and energy, and I am hopeful that you will become a partner in our upcoming adventure.

January was a busy month for the KRCS with the first BOD meeting held on January 20th in Wichita. An orientation session was held for both new and experienced BOD members so that everyone received the information and resources they needed to be able to do a great job for the KRCS membership. The 2012 KRCS budget was completed and approved at the January meeting and we look forward to a financially stable year.

At the January meeting Wichita respiratory therapist Marshall Post was awarded the KRCS Practitioner of the Year award. Please look for pictures on our website and start thinking about who you might want to nominate for next year’s award!  The BOD also approved the selection committee’s recommendation for the 2012 recipient of the Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship award. The winner will be recognized at the annual state educational meeting held in Topeka in April.

See Pictures on the Therapist of the Year Page


During RC week in October 2011, I issued a challenge to respiratory departments in Kansas to consider collecting items to be given to Karen Schell (Emporia Respiratory Therapist) to take with her when she returns to Ghana, Africa to continue her mission of providing healthcare resources to the Ghana people. Many of you responded, and in January, Karen and I travelled to Wichita to pick up the donations collected by the RT department at Wesley Medical Center (see more pictures on our website). We also travelled to the St. Rose Ambulatory and Surgery Center in Great Bend where respiratory therapists Brandi Gruber and Lori Vainer helped us load a trailer full of medical supplies and equipment. Karen Schell will leave for her second trip to Ghana in late April 2012 and we wish her the best of luck!


Our webmaster Curtis Kidwell is working hard to update the KRCS website so please give us feedback on how we can improve and make it useful for you.  Contact information for your BOD representatives is on the website so please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if we can be of service to you or answer your questions.


Suzanne Bollig

March 2012 pdf file

Greetings fellow Respiratory Therapists!

The KRCS sponsored our 20th Annual Legislative Day at the State Capitol in Topeka on February 29, 2012. Under the leadership of Debbie Fox, our Advocacy Core Strategy Leader, we spent the morning visiting the offices of legislators on key committees that work with healthcare issues where we provided them with informational handouts on the KRCS, respiratory health issues, and ALA statistics.  That same day Senator Vicki Schmidt introduced resolution SR 1826, a resolution encouraging the creation of a Kansas plan for comprehensive treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  She later provided the KRCS with a framed copy of the resolution that we will display at the KRCS booth at the April educational meeting (look on the website for pictures with Senator Schmidt taken in the Kansas Senate Chambers).  I would encourage each of you to consider joining us at our next Legislative Day where you can make a difference in the recognition of your chosen profession as well as a difference in the lives of your patients.

See Legislative Day Pictures on the Legislative Page


COPD Resolution
KRCS President Suzanne Bollig, Kansas Senator Vicki Schmidt, and KRCS Promote Core Strategy Leader and the Senate Resolution 1826

On March 5th and 6th, Debbie Fox, Karen Schell, and I travelled to Washington D.C. to participate in the annual PACT (Political Action Contact Team) meeting and congressional visits. We were able to schedule meetings with the offices of both Kansas Senators and all four Representatives where we again shared information about the KRCS and respiratory healthcare issues in addition to advocating for their support of the Medicare Respiratory Therapy Initiative. Please go to the Advocate/PACT tab on our website for more information about this very important project and to see pictures of our visits. We were especially fortunate this year in that Kansas City resident Janet Henderson was able to travel and accompany us to all our legislative visits. Janet is an Alpha 1 patient and was able to not only give a face to the healthcare consumer we are advocating for but she also had some very eloquent comments and insight into the needs of the respiratory patient. Look for pictures of this year’s PACT meeting on the website and also look for an article highlighting the KRCS in the AARC Times magazine in the next few months.

See PACT Pictures on the PACT Page


At the end of April, Treasurer-Elect Jeff Scobee and I will travel to Dallas, Texas to attend the AARC sponsored leadership workshop. Of course the annual KRCS Educational Seminar is scheduled for April 18-20th in Topeka so I encourage you to try and come. The meeting not only provides you with excellent continuing education and the chance to see the newest technologies and equipment in the vendor reception, it also gives you the opportunity to meet and network with all your peers and fellow professionals.  Hope to see you there!

Again, always remember, contact information for your BOD representatives is on the website so please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if we can be of service to you or answer your questions.


Suzanne Bollig

May 2012 pdf file

Greetings fellow Respiratory Therapists!

Like many others, I have found the months of April and May to be filled with activities both at work and at home. Spring blew in with a vengeance in some areas of our state and I am hopeful that you all weathered the storms well.  One of the benefits of AARC membership that we hope you never need to use is the Disaster Relief Fund. This fund was established by the AARC in 1992 and is replenished through donations. In the event you suffer losses in a federally declared disaster such as the Joplin, Missouri tornado last year you can apply for a grant up to $500 and your next year’s AARC membership dues are waived. Each year the KRCS donates at least $500 to the fund. Just since 2003, the AARC has given out $105,778.  If you would like more information about the Disaster Relief fund or to make a personal donation to the fund, go the AARC website or this link

On April 15th the AARC celebrated its 65th Birthday anniversary. Our webmaster Curtis Kidwell designed an animated birthday card using pictures of KRCS members in action. We placed the card on the home page of our website and also sent it directly to the AARC Executive office in Dallas, Texas along with a letter of appreciation. I hope you had the opportunity to look at the card and also wanted to let you know that I received a number of thank-you notes from the AARC staff. Thank you Curtis for a job well-done!

On April 18-20th we held the annual education meeting in Topeka. I want to personally thank all 235 attendees for their attendance and support of the KRCS. We had over 50 RT students attend as well, a record number. A word of appreciation to Pat Munzer and the planning committee for a great job and please look for pictures commemorating the event on the website. 

At the annual education seminar the KRCS presented the Hugh Mathewson award to Don Richards, a long time KRCS member and proponent of respiratory care. Don was instrumental to the KRCS during our efforts to pursue state licensure and has volunteered his time and talents in the many positions he held not only on the KRCS Board of Directors but at the national AARC level as well. I extend my sincere congratulations to Don and want to let him know, we have more work for him in the future! Please see the pictures of Don receiving the Hugh Mathewson award on our website.


President Suzanne Bollig presents Don Richards with the Hugh Mathewson


Board of Directors with Don Richards


Don Richards with Suzanne Bollig


Don with his son Nathan Richards

Robert Thurm from the Kansas University program was awarded the KRCS Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship award and was presented a check for $1,000 at the seminar. Congratulations to both of these fine men! I am honored to be numbered among their colleagues.


Robert Thurm is awarded the Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship from President Suzanne Bollig

Immediately following the educational seminar on April 21st, Treasurer-elect Jeff Scobee and I travelled to Dallas, Texas to attend the AARC sponsored leadership workshop. The workshop is part of the AARC’s efforts to ensure that affiliate leaders have the tools and resources they need to help make the affiliate a success. Jeff and I both learned some key business principles that we are eager to share with the Society to help make it an even bigger success.  Shortly after my return from Dallas, I travelled to Kansas City to attend the annual spring NBRC Board of Trustees Meeting April 26th – 29th.

May is typically a slow month for KRCS business but I do not want to forget to congratulate the many RT students that are completing their programs. I want to encourage all students who are currently student AARC members to renew your membership before graduation if possible. Why? Because students can really make their dollar stretch when they renew before they graduate. 

Every student can renew at the reduced student rate of $50, if they act before graduation. So, if a student who is graduating in May renews in May before graduation, they will get their first year of Active membership for $50 -- a savings of $40 over the usual $90 member dues. There is a bonus discount for students who have been members of the AARC for at least 3 months before graduating. Those eligible students receive a graduation gift from the AARC: a congratulations card with a coupon for $40 off their next renewal as an Active member. The coupon is good for 11 months from graduation. The AARC tries to help people get the most discounts possible. By renewing before graduation and then using the coupon, students can save $80 for two years of membership.  There are always a lot of expenses for new graduates, so take advantage of the discounts offered and continue to support your profession and your professional organization.

KRCS Delegates Terri Lesser and Pat Munzer will attend the House of Delegates meeting to be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico July 16th and 17th immediately following Summer Forum. KRCS member Karen Schell will attend as the Speaker of the House and I will attend as the HOD Parliamentarian. The Summer Forum meeting is geared toward RT managers and educators but the presentation content is an excellent source of information for any practitioner. If you prefer a smaller meeting than the international Congress or want to bring your family along for a summer outing, Santa Fe may be the place to go. I hope to see many KRCS members there!

Last but not least, I want to remind everyone to put the date of September 20th and 21st on your calendar for the KRCS sponsored Western Kansas Respiratory Care Seminar which will be held in Dodge City at the Dodge House hotel. Due to a high volume of visitors in Dodge City, the Dodge house recommends booking your reservations well in advance. The WKS brochure with more specifics will be posted sometime in July.

Contact information for your BOD representatives is on the website so please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if we can be of service to you or answer your questions.


Suzanne Bollig

August 2012

Greetings fellow Respiratory Therapists!

The summer season is almost over and school has begun for many! I am hopeful that you have all had the opportunity to spend a little time outdoors even though it has been a ‘hot season’ for most of Kansas.  Everyone is gearing up for the fall season with many returning to school activities and perhaps even a postponed project or two at work or home. Cooler weather is on the way!

The KRCS Board of Directors met in Emporia on June 29th to review the business of the society with the Public Relations Committee meeting in advance to work on several projects including the Speaker Kits/Promotional Suitcase that we developed a few years ago.  The suitcases are filled with the tools you need to share information with the public and promote the profession of respiratory therapy.  These kits are especially useful if you are making a presentation at a school because not only do they contain brochures and handout information, they also contain a pig lung display that can be set up to give the audience a real idea of pulmonary function!  Spirometers are also included to help with pulmonary function screening. We now have six of these kits available so if you have not had the chance to check them out, please do so at the upcoming Western Kansas Seminar where Public Relations Committee Chair Charity Clark will have a display at the exhibit session. Rumor has it she’ll be in costume!

On August 26, 2012, a COPD 5K Walk/Run will be held in Heritage Park in Olathe, Kansas. The event was organized by the family of the late Mary Jo Byrne who passed away February 28, 2012 from COPD. All proceeds of the event will benefit the COPD Foundation. The KRCS is a sponsor of the event and will have several members participating as well. As part of our mission of promoting our profession and advocating for our patients, I have petitioned Governor Sam Brownback to declare November as COPD Awareness Month in Kansas.

Over the next few weeks, you will be receiving email reminders about the upcoming Western Kansas Seminar. Please consider attending the 26th Annual WKS in Dodge City September 20-21, 2012. The brochure and registration forms are on the KRCS website for your convenience.

The next BOD meeting will be held Friday September 21st in Dodge City. As a reminder, contact information for your BOD representatives is on the website so please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if we can be of service to you or answer your questions.


Suzanne Bollig

October 2012

Greetings fellow Respiratory Therapists!

The KRCS Board of Directors met in Kansas City on October 19th at KU Medical Center.  We were very privileged to have several KRCS members join the meeting and provide us with their input and personal perspectives. I want to remind all members that you are always welcome to attend the BOD meetings. Just let us know your plans to attend so that we can ensure there is plenty of room and refreshments for all. As a reminder, all active members of the KRCS have the right of not only voice but also of vote at the annual business meeting which this year is scheduled for December 14th in Hays, Kansas.  One of the highlights of this year’s meeting will be the presentation of the 2012 Therapist of the Year award. If you would like to nominate a fellow therapist for this honor, please submit your nomination to me as soon as possible. Instructions for submission are on our website.

The 26th Annual Western Kansas Seminar was held in Dodge City on September 20-21, 2012 and all available handouts are now on the website. I want to personally thank and also give a shout-out to the Committee Members who worked very hard to provide you with a good conference. Committee members included Kody Rogers, Leslie Presley, Glenna Salmans, Ann Salmans, Randy Gideon, and their mentors Meg Trumpp, Stan Munsch, Curtis Kidwell, and Mel Asmussen. Dodge City and its ambassadors welcomed us with open arms and I am hopeful that we will return there again soon. Please check out this year’s pictures of the Dodge City Ambassadors (who sported badges, ten gallon hats, and the requisite boots) as they made Past-President Meg Trumpp an honorary sheriff in honor of the KRCS event.

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I hope that you all had a terrific week celebrating National Respiratory Care Week. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share any memorable stories or pictures of your activities. You can email them to me at any time because we would love to highlight you on the KRCS website. The November issue of the AARC Times is devoted to COPD awareness. The KRCS sponsorship of the 5K4MJ walk/run in Olathe, Kansas in August will be included as a highlight among the many efforts made by respiratory therapists nationwide to advocate for our patients and promote our profession. On our Connections portion of our website, you will also note a brief article on two Kansas therapists, Karen Schell and Pat Munzer, who participated in an Honor Flight to Washington DC and accompanied World War Two Veterans on a visit to see their nation’s Capitol and the memorials to our soldiers. If you have not already done so, consider voting for their picture in the AARC photo contest that will determine the cover of an upcoming AARC Times.  See the pictures and more on our Connections Page on this website.

Your Delegates and I will be traveling in a few weeks to the AARC International Conference in New Orleans. I hope you are planning to attend because it is a tremendous opportunity to hear about state-of-the art advances in respiratory care from some of the best therapists and physicians I know. I am always humbled whenever I have the chance to meet some of the great teachers and researchers of our field, and I recently had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Dr. Forrest Bird who truly is one of the greatest pioneers of respiratory care. My first meeting with him was in 1997 at our state KRCS educational conference and he has been kind enough to allow me to take his picture four additional times over the past 15 years. Dr. Bird is an inspiration and participating in educational meetings such as the AARC International Conference is one way to connect with those people that remind us why we are respiratory therapists and the incredible work we can accomplish.

Dr. Bird & Suzanne

Last but not least, I want to remind students to consider completing the application for the Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2013 and you can find the application and instructions on this website. Again, the annual KRCS Business Meeting will be held Friday December 14, 2012 in Hays, Kansas. If you would like to attend, please let me know at our earliest convenience. As a reminder, contact information for your BOD representatives is on the website so please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if we can be of service to you or answer your questions.


Suzanne Bollig

 March 2013

Greetings fellow Respiratory Therapists!

The first few months of 2013 have been busy for everyone and the KRCS is no exception!  The KRCS held the first BOD meeting of 2013 on January 25th in Wichita. An orientation session was held for both new and experienced BOD members so that everyone received the information and resources they needed to be able to continue doing a great job for the KRCS membership. The 2013 KRCS budget was completed and approved at the January meeting and we look forward to a financially stable year.  Please check out the KRCS website  and take a look at the information on our new board members and their respective assignments and contact information.

In November 2012, a number of KRCS members attended the AARC International Congress in New Orleans. It was a great educational program set in a beautiful venue and it was good to see the progress made by the city and it’s citizens since the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. I would like to remind everyone that the AARC established a Disaster Relief Fund in 1992 for the sole purpose of providing assistance to those members affected by disasters and the KRCS makes an annual donation to the Disaster Relief Fund on your behalf. The AARC Disaster Relief Fund may be activated at the time of any federally declared disaster. It has been used following hurricanes in Florida and Hawaii, earthquakes and fires in California, flooding in the Midwestern states, tornadoes in numerous areas of the country, and during the Katrina disaster. The Disaster Fund is open for six months from the date of the disaster. Nearly 75 members have been helped and $40,000 has been distributed to AARC members experiencing loss or damage during Hurricane Sandy. If you would like to contribute to the AARC’s Disaster Relief Fund go to the website

At the 2012 AARC International Congress, KRCS members Debbie Fox and Meg Trumpp, both of Wichita, were honored with the designation of Fellow, AARC (FAARC) at the awards ceremony.  Please help me extend congratulations to both of these women. They are both talented professionals and very deserving of the honor and the KRCS is fortunate to have benefited from the talents of Debbie and Meg for many years. In addition, KRCS member Karen Schell transitioned into her role as Past-speaker of the House of Delegates and was installed as a member of the AARC’s BOD for 2013. Finally, in the weeks leading up to the International Congress, Kansas had the privilege of hosting Ghana, Africa physician Dr. Audrey Forson. A number of Kansas cities and Kansas respiratory therapists worked hard to provide Dr. Forson with valuable experiences and a quick view of the healthcare available in Kansas. Dr. Forson, along with other international fellows, was honored at the International Reception held in New Orleans during the Congress. Look for a few pictures from the International reception of Dr. Forson and the Kansas delegation.

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At the annual business meeting held in December 2012 in Hays, Wichita respiratory therapist Charity Clark, BS, RRT was awarded the KRCS Therapist of the Year award. Many of you may have seen Charity at one of our educational meetings. She is the ball of fire and enthusiasm usually found somewhere near the KRCS display booth! Charity is Chair of the Public Relations committee and has made great strides in “connecting” KRCS members. Take a look at some of her work on our website in the “Connections” area. Please look at the pictures of Charity receiving her award on our website and start thinking about who you might want to nominate for next year’s award! 

Chair of the Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship Committee Nancy Mitchell reports that a number of applications have been received and the review process has begun. The 2013 recipient of the Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship award will be recognized at the annual state educational meeting to be held in Wichita in April. Who will it be?

At the end of 2012, we received the sad news that KRCS Treasurer Jeff Scobee of Chanute, Kansas was gravely ill and had been diagnosed with cancer. Jeff was employed as the Director of Respiratory Care at Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center. As some of you may know, Jeff passed away on February 3, 2013. I had the privilege of attending his memorial service and the opportunity to meet some of his family and friends. In December, as a tribute to Jeff and the contributions he made to the KRCS and its reorganization, the KRCS BOD established the Jeff Scobee Leadership Fund to be used as a method to foster and encourage growth and leadership potential in Kansas respiratory therapists. The fund will be utilized to help fund the attendance of promising respiratory therapists to continuing education opportunities or leadership development activities as well as encourage participation in other KRCS projects. Jeff’s leadership will be sorely missed by his professional colleagues. More information regarding the Jeff Scobee Leadership Fund and how to contribute will be made available on our website soon.

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On the legislative front, the KRCS has participated in several activities. On Feb. 12th, Karen Schell and I travelled to the Capitol in Topeka and provided testimony at the committee hearing on HB2184. HB2184, if enacted, would direct the Secretary of Health and Environment to create a state plan for comprehensive treatment of COPD. We had approximately 72 hours notice of the hearing and I was fortunate in that both the national office of the COPD Foundation and the American Lung Association provided written testimony for the hearing and assisted the KRCS with information and facts to support our testimony. On Feb. 20th, the KRCS held its annual Legislative Day at the Capitol. Our sponsor was Representative Don Hill of Emporia. KRCS members visited legislative offices of key committee members and an educational display and PFT screening was provided in the rotunda area. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Capitol since renovation has been completed, you should take the opportunity to make a visit.

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On March 11th and 12th, Debbie Fox, Karen Schell, and I will travel to Washington DC to represent you at the annual PACT meeting and congressional visits. We have appointments with all the Kansas legislators and plan to provide them with information regarding the proposed Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act. If you have not already sent your emails or messages to your representatives, please do so now. The week prior to and the weeks immediately following our Washington visits will be key to letting our Kansas leaders know what our patients need.

Our webmaster Curtis Kidwell updates the KRCS website often so please give us feedback on how we can improve and make it more useful for you.  Contact information for your BOD representatives is on the website so please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if we can be of service to you or answer your questions.  I hope to see many of you at the educational conference in Wichita in April!


Suzanne Bollig

June 2013

Summer salutations fellow Respiratory Therapists!

The year is halfway through and I am hopeful that you all will be able to enjoy a few days of rest and recreation during these warm summer months! Along with the rest of the KRCS Board of Directors, I want to extend congratulations to newly graduated respiratory therapists and give a sincere thank-you to the educational programs and their instructors for working so hard to provide a quality education for these young professionals. KRCS members have been very busy the past few months attending educational meetings, promoting the profession by participating in public events and student recruitment activities, and advocating at the legislative level for our profession and the patients we serve.

As promised in my last letter, on March 11th and 12th, Debbie Fox, Karen Schell, and I travelled to Washington DC to represent you at the annual AARC’s PACT meeting. We met with all Kansas legislator  offices and provided them with information regarding the proposed Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act. Check out a few pictures of the event under the Advocacy tab on our website. Even though our trip to Washington is scheduled in the Spring, please remember that our efforts on communicating with our representatives are a year-round project. I would ask that you continue to support our efforts in asking for better healthcare for our patients and take the time to contact your legislators throughout the year. For a summary of some of the activities that took place, please use the following link to access the AARC website.

The annual KRCS Educational conference was held in Wichita on April 10-12, 2013 with a great turnout of respiratory therapists from around the state. At the meeting, we acknowledged the loss of some tremendously influential people from our state. These fine professionals will be sorely missed in the future. You can find a link to the memorial presentation on the KRCS website. At the conference, I was privileged to award the prestigious Hugh Mathewson Award as well as announce the Russ Babb Scholarship recipient. Long standing KRCS member and current webmaster Curtis Kidwell, RN, RRT was selected to receive the Hugh Mathewson Award for his outstanding service to not only the KRCS and its membership, but also to the respiratory therapy community. Curtis is currently employed at Via Christi hospital in Wichita, Kansas.

The recipient of the 2013 Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship was Brienna MacDonald, a respiratory therapy student at Newman University in Wichita, Kansas. We are all very proud of Brienna and wish her the best as she continues in the respiratory program and profession.

On April 13-15, President-elect Troy Gooch and Treasurer-elect Glenn Tammen travelled to Dallas, Texas to attend the annual AARC sponsored Leadership Training meeting. At this meeting, they were provided with information and training on affiliate leadership as well as being provided guidance on the financial management of our affiliate.

While there, Troy Gooch was also given the opportunity to record a short video encouraging respiratory therapists to join our professional organization.

Your membership in the AARC provides the KRCS with the necessary revenue to help fund the many activities undertaken to meet the mission of the KRCS in the areas of education, patient advocacy, and promotion of our profession. If you have not renewed this year, please consider renewing soon. The AARC  launched a membership recruitment program in November 2012 which provided both renewing active members and new active members with the opportunity to be entered in a quarterly drawing for either an IPad (renewing members) or a Kindle Fire (new members). You can check out the most recent winners on the AARC website.  The KRCS has decided to give everyone a little more encouragement and in addition to the AARC quarterly drawings, we have decided to reward renewing or new KRCS active members the opportunity to be entered into a monthly drawing for free registration at one of the KRCS sponsored educational meetings. In addition, if you are an active member and you recruit a fellow therapist to join the AARC, just provide us with a copy of the new member’s registration receipt and your name and you will be entered in the drawing for the free educational meeting registration too! If you want to be entered into the KRCS drawings, please provide the necessary documentation to Meg Trumpp at Chances of winning are high for KRCS respiratory therapists when you include the AARC drawings and the KRCS drawings. There is no limit on the number of members you can recruit, the more you recruit the more times your name will go into the KRCS drawing. I will send out an email blast repeating this information very soon.

The Public Relations Committee and the Paying It Forward campaign have participated in several activities the last few months. Public Relations Chair Charity Clark and Karen Schell attended the “Journeys and Destinations” high school student event in Eudora, Kansas promoting the respiratory therapy profession as a healthcare career choice on March 27th. This was the second time the KRCS was asked to participate in the event and approximately 200 students were in attendance. Pictures from the event are included under the Connections tab on our website.

On June 1st, Marysville respiratory therapists Cheryl Skinner RRT, Phillip Caswell CRT, and Jennifer Berg student RT set up a COPD awareness booth at the Big Blue River Days in Marysville, Kansas. They were able to provide educational materials to about 200 people and provide COPD screening for about 30 individuals. I am so very proud of the work these volunteers put in to help promote respiratory therapists in Kansas.

This fall, the KRCS will once again sponsor the 4K4MJ 5-KM walk/run held in Olathe, Kansas to benefit the COPD Foundation. We sponsored this event last year and were very impressed with such a worthwhile cause. Please look for more information in an email blast as details are finalized.

I very much appreciate the opportunity you have given me to help in leading our great affiliate. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have. Contact information for all BOD members and our webmaster are located at Please have a great summer and consider attending the Western Kansas Respiratory Care Seminar to be held in Hays, Kansas on September 19th and 20th.


Suzanne Bollig

April, 2015
Greetings fellow Respiratory Therapists!

A great new year is underway as we head to those warm summer months! Along with the rest of the KRCS Board of Directors, I would like to update everyone on what we have accomplished so far, as well as what we have in store for you this year. The KRCS BOD members have been very busy the past few months working on your behalf.
In January, board members attended a two day Strategic Planning session, hosted by Trustee Dan Conyers at the University of Kansas Hospital. Garry Kauffman, RRT, with support from the AARC Home Office once again facilitated our efforts in this regard.
In February, BOD members met in Topeka for our annual visit to our state representatives.  We spent the day advocating at the legislative level for our profession and the patients we serve.
In March, Karen Schell, RRT, our Promote Core Strategy Leader as well as our PACT leader, along with Elissa Williams, RRT, our Advocate Core Strategy leader and PACT Representative travelled to Washington DC to represent the KRCS at the annual AARC PACT meeting. They met with all Kansas legislative offices and engaged them with information regarding our profession.
Last week, over 250 therapists, students and vendors participated in our 38th Annual Education Seminar, which was held at the Wichita Marriott. Damien Beilman, RRT, Chaired the Education Committee that had several other therapists integrally involved with putting together a program that took several creative turns (see the brochure). Live Twitter feeds (as well as Facebook and Instagram updates) were offered for the first time, as the Education Committee looked to connect with our younger work force. In addition, most lectures were structured in a 30 minute time slot.  If the initial feedback provides an accurate reflection, this seemed to have the desired impact of improving the flow of the conference.
During the Wednesday night Student Reception, students from across the state had the opportunity to hear from last year’s winner of the Jeff Scobee Leadership Development Award, Kyle Weis, RRT. Kyle shared how this award impacted him as he described his attendance at the AARC House of Delegates. Kyle then offered suggestions on things such as preparing for the Therapist Multiple Choice Exam, as well as how to transition from student to employee. 
The $1,000 Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship was presented to Sandy Johnson, a student from Northwest Kansas Technical College. Thomas Kallstrom, RRT, CEO and Executive Director of the AARC, wrapped up the Student Reception with a short presentation for all of those gathered. Thursday morning, Mr. Kallstrom, who was also our Keynote Speaker, was surprised when he was presented with the Hugh Mathewson award.
Finally, for the very first time, our Practitioner of the Year award was presented at this venue as well. Traditionally, this award had been presented at our Annual Business meeting, but this was changed in order to increase the visibility for our awardees. I was proud to present this year’s award to Randy Kastens, RRT, CPFT.
Next up, as part of our Educate Core Value is the 2015 Western Kansas Educational Seminar. This event is slated to be held in Dodge City. The dates are September 17th and 18th, at the United Wireless Arena and Conference Center. Check the link for updates.
Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your President!

Troy A. Gooch, RRT, MBA

2015 AARC Outstanding affiliate Contributor Award!!! Thought I would share this directly from 2015 AARC Congress in Tampa, Florida



January 18, 2018
President’s Report

Dear Colleagues,

I want to thank all of you for the great work you have put forth this past year. Despite a tough 2017, the KRCS continues to remain in a good position financially. As with the AARC, we have challenges in front of us to grow our membership along with seeing growth in our attendance at our educational conferences. We have voted to revisit our scholarship distribution process this year, while also looking for an on-going mechanism to fund this from something other than our general proceeds. This will allow us to send a representative or two to the revamped leadership training at the AARC home office in Dallas in April.

As we look forward to the rest of the year, we will meet next during our Annual Legislative date in Topeka fast approaching next month, February 23rd. I look forward to having company from around our state as we get out and interact with our elected representatives. Terri Lesser and Crystal Irwin will represent the KRCS at the PACT meeting in DC in April.

Our 41st Annual State Education Seminar is planned for April 11-13, returning for the second time to Manhattan. That first foray away from our previous even-year home in Topeka was very well received and we are looking forward to our return. Our Keynote Speaker will be Doug Stroemel, and we will have several speakers from around the state. Festivities currently planned include a golf tournament at the beautiful, renowned Colbert Hills golf course and a “photo scavenger hunt/pub crawl” around Aggieville.   

Our 32nd Annual Western Kansas Respiratory Care Conference will return again to Dodge City, September 27th and 28th. The Convention Center at the Casino is becoming a familiar home for us there, with many favorable comments and many return customers. We encourage those of you who have not yet taken advantage of this opportunity to get your CEUs and have a great time at the same time!  

National Respiratory Care week will again be the last week of October, falling on the 21st through the 28th this year. I am hopeful that you will all have the opportunity to participate in activities with your friends and colleagues.

Our newly sworn in Treasurer, Andrea Fiene has taken over for Glenn Tammon. Glenn’s end of the year 2017 treasurer reports were approved by the Board of Directors, last Friday, as Glenn completed his service to the Board. Jessica Callaway was re-elected to serve another term as our Secretary. Jackie Harvey, Marshall Post and Katie Morris return for their second year as Trustees, while David Northrop, Lindsay Bartley and Josie Roach have accepted appointments for their first terms as Trustee as well.

We have new appointees at each of our Core Strategy Leadership positions this year, with Monica Baden taking on the Educate leadership role, Terri Lesser taking on the Advocate leadership role and Marshall Post taking on the Promote leadership position.

Our annual business meeting is tentatively scheduled for the second week of December, in Kansas City at the University of Kansas Hospital. Remember, all KRCS members not only are welcome, they are able to vote as well.  On your behalf, I will attend the AARC International Congress in December. I am hopeful that many of you will also be able to attend. Your Delegates Charity Clark and Cheryl Skinner will also attend both the House of Delegates meeting and the Congress to follow.

Finally, congratulations to our own Karen Schell as she has been elected to serve as the President-Elect of the AARC Board of Directors. Please join me in congratulating these fine representatives of the KRCS!

Troy Gooch
KRCS President

Happy New Year to my fellow Respiratory Therapists!

A new year has arrived and I am looking forward to serving the members of the Kansas Respiratory Care Society (KRCS). Here is an update on current activities in progress and coming soon.
In February there will be a legislative day at the state capital. We will provide COPD screenings, educational information, and legislators will be visited by members of the KRCS. When the date has been set through our legislative sponsor it will be published. Any one is welcome to be a part of this great activity.  The KRCS has had a presence at the capital for many years and due to our continued presence, there are individuals who look forward to our arrival and appreciate the time we take out of our busy schedules to provide the screenings and the education.

The education committee is busy planning the state education seminar scheduled for April 7th and  8th  in Manhattan Kansas. With this new venue the seminar will provide many educational and exciting opportunities for attendees.

The Western Kansas Seminar had a new venue for 2015 and we are glad to announce we will be returning to Dodge City at the United Wireless Arena and Convention Center for September 15-16, 2016.

KRCS members please let us know about your volunteer activities where you are providing lung health education and/or screenings. As a group we volunteer countless hours and we want to hear about that. Send pictures and a summary about the activity and those individuals involved. These pictures can be placed on our face book page with the summary. We want to hear from you.

I would like to remind our members that the KRCS has four awards available
$1000 Russ Babb Memorial Scholarship Award
Jeff Scobee Leadership Development Award
Jeff Scobee Leadership Advancement Award
Practitioner of the Year Award
Take a look at the award criteria and send in your application.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity and privilege to serve as your President!
Terri Lesser


Mission Statement

The Kansas Respiratory Care Society is formed to:

Educate, advocate, and promote the profession and practice of Respiratory Care