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KSBHA CEU & Audit info

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts Renewal for Respiratory Care starts February 15th.  Please make sure you have all 12 RT approved CEU’s, completed by March 31st.  Once renewed any Respiratory Therapist is subject to random CEU audit by the KSBHA which is performed during the time frame of May-June.  Any continued education classes needing approval from me must be submitted before March 31st to avoid a $50 regardless of the AARC membership status.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call me. 
Thanks Monica Baden Kansas CEU Evaluator


State Guidelines on Continuing Education Credits

No continuing education hours are granted for renewal courses for advance lifesaving certification including neonatal resuscitation provider (NRP), pediatric advanced life support (PALS), neonatal advanced life support (NALS), and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). There is also a limit of 6 hours from nontraditional or alternative programs. The regulation concerning appropriate continuing education is below for your convenience.

K.A.R. 100-55-7. Continuing education; license renewal. (a) Each licensee shall submit documented evidence of completion of at least 12 contact hours of continuing education since April 1 of the previous year, before or with the request for renewal.

(b) Any licensee who suffered an illness or injury that made it impossible or extremely difficult to reasonably obtain the required contact hours may be granted an extension of not more than six months.

(c) Each respiratory therapist initially licensed after September 30 and before the following March 31 shall be exempt from the continuing education required by subsection (a) for the first renewal period.

(d) A contact hour shall be 50 minutes of instruction or its equivalent.

(e) The purpose of continuing education shall be to provide evidence of continued competency in the advancing art and science of respiratory therapy. All program objectives, curricular content, presenter qualifications, and outcomes shall be subject to review. Contact hours shall be determined based on program content, outcomes, and participant involvement.

(f) Continuing education shall be acquired from the following:

(1) Offerings approved by the American association of respiratory care. Any licensee may obtain all contact hours from any continuing education offerings approved by the American association of respiratory care and its state affiliates, subject to the limitations specified in paragraphs (f)(2) through (f)(8).

(2) Seminars and symposiums. At least six contact hours shall be obtained each reporting year from seminars or symposiums that provide for direct interaction between the speakers and the participants. A seminar shall mean directed advanced study or discussion in a specific field of interest. A symposium shall mean a conference of more than a single session organized for the purpose of discussing a specific subject from various viewpoints and by various speakers.

(3) Nontraditional or alternative educational programs. A nontraditional or alternative educational program shall be defined as one that is not presented in the typical conference setting. Educational programs may be provided by any print medium or presented through the internet or other electronic medium. The licensee shall submit proof of successful completion of a test administered as part of the nontraditional or alternative educational program. A maximum of six contact hours each reporting year may be obtained from nontraditional or alternative educational programs.

(4) Clinical instruction. Clinical instruction shall mean the education and evaluation of a respiratory therapy student in the clinical setting. A maximum of three contact hours may be given for clinical instruction.

(5) Presentations of a seminar or a nontraditional or alternative program. Each licensee who presents a continuing education seminar or a nontraditional or alternative educational program shall receive two contact hours for each hour of presentation. No credit shall be granted for any subsequent presentations on the same subject content.

(6) Academic coursework. Successful completion of academic coursework shall mean obtaining a grade of at least C or the equivalent in any courses on respiratory care or other health-related field of study in a bachelor’s degree program or higher educational degree program. One credit hour of academic coursework shall be equal to one contact hour of continuing education. A maximum of six contact hours may be obtained through academic coursework each reporting year.

(7) Advanced lifesaving courses. Contact hours shall be restricted to first-time attendees of advanced lifesaving courses and the associated instructor courses. Advanced lifesaving courses shall include neonatal resuscitation provider (NRP), pediatric advanced life support (PALS), neonatal advanced life support (NALS), and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS).

(8)Voluntary recredentialing. Each licensee who completes voluntary recredentialing shall receive the number of contact hours approved by the American association for respiratory care.

(g) The following shall not be eligible for continuing education credit:

(1) Learning activities in the work setting designed to assist the individual in fulfilling employer requirements, including in-service education and on-the-job training; and

(2) basic life support courses and cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses.

If you have any questions concerning appropriate continuing education courses please contact Monica Baden, RRT, KS CEU Evaluatorkrcsceu@cox.net


Monica Baden
520 E. Berry
Rose Hill, KS 67133



If you have any questions about the new CEU regulations that went into effect July 20, 2009 please contact me or the KSBHA.. 

For anyone who is audited this year, the information that you send to the KSBHA for the audit must have the official RT CEU hours on the documentation.  If you need to have something approved for CEU’s, you will need to send them directly to me for approval. 

A link is below that will allow you to view the CEU Policy. A few of the highlights are:    

  • CEU’s will be calculated rounding to the nearest tenth.
  • The price for non-AARC members for each CEU certificate that is submitted to me for approval is $30 per certificate.
  • CEU’s will not be approved for any repeat course taken within 5 years.
  • The cost to re-issue a CEU certificate is $15 per certificate for everyone.
  • Any CEU applications received on or after April 1st for the previous CEU year, will be charged a $50 fee regardless of your AARC status.  This is to encourage everyone to have the CEU’s approved in a timely manner.


CEU Policy 12-3-2009

Changes to CEU section of Statute KAR 100-55-7-1

Link to the updated Statue: Kansas Respiratory Therapy Statutes Annotated

Dear Respiratory Care CEU Provider, It is once again the time of year for RT providership renewals. All providerships will expire on April 30, 2016. Thank you for your continued dedication to making CEU's available to your therapists. If you would like to advertise your educational classes on the KRCS website in 2016, please email me the information and/or brochure to place on the website. The providership fees for the 2016 CEU year remain the same as they were last year.

You may pay for your providership on-line through
PayPay by using this LINK

The 2019 Application is available HERE


If you are a group or individual who wants to provide a CEU event but you are not a CEU Provider please open the application, complete it and follow the directions


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